How many times have you thought, “If only I had more money to…….”? We seem to live just beyond our means, always wanting that one extra thing. Well, if this sounds familiar, you’re one of us and we have a few ideas for how you can save money painlessly.

1)  Start by simply collecting your left over change every day. Put those pennies to good use by saving them in a large container. Over time, the container will fill up and you’ll be

Change Jar

Change Jar

surprised that you have several hundred dollars you wouldn’t have otherwise had. You can even label your container for what you’re saving for (vacation…hint, hint) or have a contest with a friend or family member to see who can save the most in a certain time period.

2)  Cut out one regular non-essential purchase, either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on how big the purchase is. That daily cup of coffee, the weekly dinner out or your monthly pedicure….put those funds in a separate account to save towards your dream. Make sure to actually put the funds somewhere specific regularly so the money doesn’t get spent on anything else.

3)  Make weekly pre-payments towards a purchase you have on hold. I remember the lay-away plans my mother used to use for Christmas shopping. This is the same idea! For travel in particular, if you book your package now for next year’s vacation, make weekly payments towards it so that when the final balance is due, you’re already done paying it!

4)  Choose to forego one large luxury purchase and put that money in savings. Do you really need the newest iPhone model or the big screen TV that’s only 6 inches larger than the one you already have? We are a consumer society, no doubt, but curb that desire once a year and you’ll find a blossoming savings account in just a few years.

5)  Try the 52 week money challenge. Start with saving one dollar the first week, two dollars the second week up until $52 the last week and you’ll have saved $1378 in a year! Would you even NOTICE that weekly amount missing from your spending money? Challenge your friends to do it too, then you can all go on a BFF holiday!

6)  If you are lucky enough to get a tax refund after April 15th, put that money in a savings account. Think of it as your government starting a savings account for you. It’s money you didn’t have throughout the year, now you can start it growing to spend on something you REALLY want!

Saving money isn’t always easy. These little ideas can at least start you on your way to reaching your financial goals or having the money you need to splurge on something special. Whatever you decide to do with your money, make it memorable. You can always make more money, you can’t make more time….

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October 2021