Top 4 “Whys” for Travel

Top 4 "Whys" for Travel

Top 4 “Whys” for Travel

If you are thinking about spending time and money on a vacation, one of the first questions you should be asking yourself is, “Why?” Everyone is going to have a different answer and everyone’s answer is going to change depending on where they are in their lives.


This is how I relax

I remember when our children were young, we had two “Whys” for our answer. One was to take the kids somewhere to have fun and be together as a family. Another were the rare times that my husband and I could get away alone, and then the “Why” was to RELAX.

So you really have to consider the “Why” before choosing a vacation that will suit your needs. In my example above, those were two VERY different vacations. So perhaps you need more ideas on what your “Why” is. Here are four of the top “Why’s” we run across often.

1.      RELAXATION  –  People just want to get away from the routine, the grind, the everyday drill of chores and work and same old, same old. Stress has become a big health risk in our country and people need to unwind. Sometimes it just takes that nice long weekend on the coast, but other times you need ten days to two weeks just to be able to relax fully. Sit and read a book, have someone else do the cooking and the cleaning so you can enjoy the view!

2.     DISCOVERY  –  This can have multiple meanings. Are you looking to discover new places or see artifacts from history? Or maybe you want a silent retreat to discover yourself? Either way, it’s a reason to go find whatever it is you are searching for. Some of our ancient history is disappearing, waiting could mean never seeing what you’ve always wanted to see. Experiencing other cultures also helps us discover our differences, as well as our similarities, helping to build a more global society.


Indian falls near the Top of Mt. Marcy

 3.     FAMILY TIME  –  Most agree that children grow up quickly, but creating special memories with them binds you all together. When you are running in five (in my case) different directions on a daily basis, sometimes you don’t even get to say, “How are you?” Taking a family vacation allows you to slow down and enjoy each other as you’re having fun together. It’s a great way to reconnect and show each other what family means.

 4.     CELEBRATION  –  This is a growing “Why” for people to travel. Let’s mark this FILL IN THE BLANK occasion with a vacation that we’ll always remember. We just wrote a whole blog on what type of celebrations are great times to travel, click here to read that list.

So before you decide to plan your travel, think about YOUR “Why” and make sure that wherever you go and whatever you do, your “Why” is going to be satisfied. If you need some help on matching your “Why” with the right vacation, destination or type of travel, please contact us. We’re here to help you!

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February 2024

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