Why Travel Now?

Why Travel Now?

We live in a world full of options, don’t we? And within those options can lie pitfalls and unpleasant circumstances. As I’m writing this, I’m considering the ramifications of the newest terrorist activity in Belgium. Someone posted on Facebook that we live in a “terrible world”, but I disagree. We live in an amazing and beautiful world, where horrible incidents sometimes take place, and we have options on how we deal with those tragedies.

In my profession, I will have people asking, “Why travel now?” I have so many answers for that question, such passion for why now is the PERFECT time to be heading outside of our own comfort zone. But I don’t offer my opinions without qualifying that there are WAYS and PLACES to travel safely and help to avoid the fear that seems to plague us now. My top 4 reasons to travel now are:

1) Security will be heightened again. That definitely means longer lines at airport security, more watchfulness at train stations and tourist sites, but a safer environment than even a week ago. Everyone will be more vigilant as well.

2) Statistically you are less likely to be involved in a terrorist action now. That’s a harsh reality, but the numbers will be in the favor of another attack not being held right away.

3) The countries and peoples assaulted need our support now more than ever. What would have happened to New York City if everyone had stopped visiting there after 9/11? But they didn’t, and that attack has now created an even greater tourist draw, bringing us together as human beings that have suffered together.

4) Only by traveling out of our familiar territory will we get to experience and understand other cultures. That’s EXACTLY what is needed, more understanding and more acceptance. Does that mean that we will agree on everything? NO, but it provides us the opportunity to respect our differences and embrace our sameness. After all….we are all created the same, from the beginning, and so, we are one to start and one to end.

Now is the perfect time to travel to help maintain some sense of normalcy in our crazy, amazing, beautiful world. If you want more information on what you can do to travel more safely, contact us. We’re here to help advise, guide and protect you with programs such as the government’s STEP program and Travel Protection Insurance. We’re not telling you to put yourself in harm’s way, we’re telling you that not traveling out of fear is a punishment to you and an advantage to the terrorists. It’s your option, let us help you choose wisely!

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July 2024

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