What About a Cruise?

What About a Cruise?

While trying to figure out what type of vacation you would like to take next, why not think about either a river cruise or an ocean cruise?? My clients always ask me which one I would personally recommend, but when it comes down to it, there are great differences between the two! So let’s take a look at the differences & we’ll figure out which one fits you best!!


River Cruise in FranceRiver Cruising:

  • Do you like the idea of sailing and ALWAYS having a beautiful view? Since you’re sailing past small towns & cities, you’re always going to have something to look at. You’re also unlikely to get seasick, since you’re never in open water.
  • Looking for a tight-knit community while you travel? With only 140-190 passengers per ship, you’re bound to get close with your neighbors. And with such a low number of passengers, there is no waiting to settle into your room when you embark on the ship and limited waiting when disembarking in towns & cities.
  • The cruise ships dock frequently at centrally located towns & cities! You’ll always have time to adventure around to see historic sites, eat some local grub & people watch all the locals. There are daily tours offered to allow you to learn more about the region.
  • River Cruises are priced to include your accommodations, all meals with wine/beer at dinner and daily tours. Unless you’re planning on buying loads of souvenirs for your family back home, don’t worry about bringing a lot of money with you.
  • The food is to die for! With a low number of passengers and access to fresh ingredients at all times, each of your daily meals are guaranteed to be gourmet.




  • Is your idea of vacation sleeping in until 9:30am and just relaxing in bed?? If you’re a late-riser or a late-night eater, Ocean Cruising is perfect for you! Don’t worry, you’ll always have access to food. Food is typically available in buffet style 24 hours/day, but there is also the opportunity to eat in a more formal fashion.
  • Although you don’t leave the ship as often, you always have something to do! Most cruise ships include a pool & tanning decks, a casino, shops, a spa, games, and bars. There are also activities offered daily, such as Bingo or informational lectures. There is never a dull moment when you’re on the ship!
  • Are you looking to see a wonderful musical performance or maybe Broadway performance? Every night you can enjoy MULTIPLE entertainment shows! With entertainment for the whole family, you’re all going to have some fun.
  • Your accommodations, food and entertainment are included in your cruising price, but you will pay extra for drinks, specialty restaurants, spa treatments, boutique gifts and Shore Excursions. These costs can often double what you’ve paid already, so buyer beware!

If you’re looking for a laidback trip where you’ll enjoy & experience the destinations & the culture, choose a River Cruise! But if you’re looking to enjoy the ship and all of its amenities and an enjoyable experience for the whole family, choose an Ocean Cruise!

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February 2024

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