Why I Travel

Why I Travel

Home is comfort, familiarity and our family’s center.  Travel came into our family through my work and quickly became part of our culture.  In the last 20+ years I have been blessed to explore 5 continents, 39 countries and 33 of the United States (so far!).  I believe that each experience, both the places and the people, have increased my desire to see and learn more.

My daughter put it best when I was worried about being away from them when she said:  “It’s OK Mom because if you go someplace you like, you take us back there!”  I have taken her words to heart with my family, our friends and now the desire to explore and savor the journey.

European Travel Whisperer is born of this passion for the “Art of Travel.”  We will strive to provide unique and fascinating ways to wander through the unexpected paths in Europe.

One of our memories that will never get old is in Paris.  There are so many lovely and intriguing places to wander throughout the evening but it is magical to wander your way to see the Eiffel Tower “sparkle” near the top of the hour.  You will see many people gather just for those 5 minutes and there is always an audible reaction to its beauty.

Having a meal can be a simple street side cafe or a sumptuous four course dinner.  One of my favorite dinners is one that made us feel immersed in the lovely city of Luzern, Switzerland.   On our walk along the river, we noticed the painting on the side of Zunfthaus zu Pfistern. We read the menu for the evening and decided that a classic fondue and a glass of Swiss Fendant du Valais would ad to the charming venue.  We were surprised to be able to sit outside on a chilly evening but able to do so because they had covered the seats with furry fabric and gave us red blankets for our laps.  We enjoyed a magical meal while the sun set:  looking at Mt. Pilates and listening to a young man play guitar in the street below.

This blog will be a place to share moments of magic, inspiration, challenges met and overcome.  Please tell us some of your favorites experiences and how we can help you to create your next fascinating journey.

Why do you travel?

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October 2021