Spending Money Wisely

Spending Money Wisely

I spent a day in New York City taking my daughter to see a Broadway show for her birthday one year. It was an expensive gift; getting down to the city, lunch out and the show, but the experience and memory created was priceless. It made me think about how we spend our disposable income and the options we have.

Travel, leisure vacations in particular, are not a necessity, but a luxury that we indulge in. How does a travel consultant compete for the opportunity to help their clients spend money on a vacation? And how do we help you get the most out of your precious income?

Vacations are not just getting from point A to point B, they are an emotional experience. Talking about travel is easy, because who doesn’t like to take a vacation? Talking about the expense of travel and explaining to people that the cost has value beyond the price gets a little more challenging. It’s gotten easier since the term “bucket list” became a popular phrase, but in the end, desire is only a portion of the equation. Knowing how a client may feel while they’re climbing through castle ruins or listening to a great band in a Temple Bar pub helps us determine if the experience is worth the price.

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

Having a travel consultant help you with spending your hard earned disposable income can be invaluable. We are here to take your dreams, listen to your desires and match them with a vacation that creates memories to last a lifetime. The experience and knowledge that we provide can make the difference between a budget hotel 20 minutes outside the city center and a mid-range hotel in the city center that saves you the time and money of having to travel into the city every day to see all the sights you came to see. We can recommend what tour will allow you to see the outside of the Sagrada Familia and which one gets you inside, even if it’s a higher price.

We have never had a client come back from a vacation complaining about the cost, but we’ve had many come back and thank us for our advice and help making their vacation amazing! In the end, it’s about how your vacation makes you feel and not about what you paid.

Spending your money when the choices are countless isn’t always easy. When it comes to vacations, using a professional travel consultant can make you feel confident that you have spent that money wisely.

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July 2024

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