Welcome To European Travel Whisperer

Welcome To European Travel Whisperer

Travel has become such an integral part of my life in the last nine years that I really don’t remember a time when it wasn’t the case.  The reality, however, is that I didn’t travel much when I was young and it has only become my passion since I started in the travel business.

My first trip to Europe was at the age of 17 and I was the first member of my family to visit “the Continent”. It was a French class trip to Paris and I fell immediately in love. Everything about the city just put stars in my eyes and an extra beat in my heart.  I swore when I left that I would go back, and I have, many times, but it took 16 years for that first return trip and another 10 years before I realized that traveling was a real passion for me.

European Travel Whisperer is the culmination of all the things that inspire me.

Europe holds such magic for me, hard to know how to describe it or where to begin. I love the history, the age of buildings and roads and areas that have played a part in the world we know today. I love the grace and beauty of the architecture, am inspired by the culture and traditions of the different countries. I enjoy the ethnic foods, the wines and the creative souls that roamed the countryside to paint and write and compose pieces of art that are timeless. I love the romance….really, I do.

I also enjoy talking about travel and helping other to people to see and experience what I find so exhilarating. When you feel such awe and joy, you want to share that with others, and I am lucky enough to have found a way to do that. Through European Travel Whisperer, I will be spending my days in Europe….sometimes literally, sometimes researching and other times talking with my clients about their dreams and desires to travel to Europe. I want to share the secret little places I’ve found, the best times I’ve had and the most incredible meals I’ve sampled.

The world is getting smaller and more accessible, but Europe still calls to me over all the other destinations abroad. I am happy to be starting this venture, to be working for others in hopes that they will be as passionate about travel to Europe as I am and I want others to come home with stars in their eyes and an extra beat in their heart.

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April 2024

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